Awesome Colour Palette
We've got 240 shades for every nail polish need. Browse every color of the rainbow, including the trending nail colors guaranteed to turn heads.
With the start of a New Year comes the inevitable desire to freshen things up, whether it be your closet, workout routine, or beauty regimen. An easy switch? Going into each month of 2023 wearing a fresh manicure that fits the bill. Consider this list of nail colors as a mood board to match every month, from dark tones in the winter to new takes on pastels for spring to citrusy hues for summertime. It's your perfect excuse to make a trip to the nail salon and treat yourself every month.

Awesome Prices

Just to add a professional splash of colour to perfectly shaped nails.
Eye Lashes *
Eye Lashes
 £ 60.00
Please Inquire for Details
Mini Pedicure *
Mini Pedicure
 £ 15.00
Cut, File, Buff, Massage & Polish
Pedicure *
 £ 30.00
Cut, File, Buff, Cuticle, Remove Death Skin, Massage, Feet Mask & Polish
Mini Manicure *
Mini Manicure
 £ 15.00
Cut, File, Buff, Massage & Polish
Manicure *
 £ 20.00
Cut, File, Buff, Cuticle, Massage, Hand Mask & Polish
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